Better Together - Why Community Matters

No doubt we are living in a “selfie” world.  Just look at any social media platform and you'll see that in culture, we are consumed with ourselves.  But Jesus chose to model for us the need to be in community with others! Join us for this critical 4-week series on building community as we look at the life of Jesus and how he taught that we truly are better together! Sundays in August at 7:45, 9:00 and 10:30.

The Book of Titus

The tiny book of Titus holds a treasure of wisdom in an age where lies, distraction and conflict abound in the world - and in the church. What is godliness and why does it matter? How do we live godly lives? During July, Guest Speakers Ken Cuffey and Peter Worrall lead E-Free through a series on the book of Titus as we look at the call to godliness and how it plays out in both personal and church life.


Searching for Happiness

How do you measure happiness? For many, it's measured in moments or experiences that fade as quickly as they come. As a result, we keep chasing after things we think will make us happy - only to be disappointed. Join us at E-Free as we address what can truly make us happy, no matter where we're at in life!
Sunday mornings April 8 - May 20 at 7:45, 9:00, and 10:30.


Who is God?

Who is God?  What is He like?  There will always be things about God that we simply can't understand, because after all...He is God!  Yet the Bible shows us so much about God's nature: His love, justice and wisdom. His sovereignty, compassion, and faithfulness.  We hope you'll join us in March and April as we explore some of the characteristics of our Heavenly Father in order to know and trust Him more fully!

Let's Talk about Sex

Let's talk about sex!  Culture talks about it all the time, but it's not a topic you hear about much in church.  Yet, God created sex. In a world that has cheapened and twisted the idea of what God designed sexuality to be, it's time to have an open and honest discussion about this topic in a way that moves us towards a more healthy and biblical understanding of sex.  

One Starry Night

So much of the Bible Story leads to this one point in History.  Over 2000 years ago, in a remote small Jewish village, on a starry night, God's plans, purposes and promises were all being fulfilled. Leading to hope, a hope in the midst of what appears to be chaos and void of meaning comes truth, love and a baby that would save the world!

Making More of your Money

Money is a gift from God.  But in light of today's reality, so many of us are are trying to make more and more of our money---in order for it to go further in our lives. Don't become intoxicated by fleeting power of money. Ultimately God is interested in more than just increasing your net worth.  He wants you to live a healthy life when it comes to our money and one that is free from financial bondage. Come join us in the month of November as we look at "Making More of Your Money!" 

Faith and Doubt


Is it possible--maybe even normal to faith in the presence of doubt?  Maybe the most important word in the title of this message series is the middle word "and."    Because most of us if we are honest with ourselves are a mixture of both when it comes to our souls.  Is it possible that doubt might just be good for your faith?  Come and find out over the next 4 weeks as we take a look at "Faith and Doubt!"

Current Series Message: The Kingdom

Pastor Rick is back from his time away and is excited to start a new message series called The Kingdom.

Jesus taught more about His kingdom than any other subject, and yet I am convinced that the average Christ-follower has no idea what He meant and its significance for today. Come join us starting August 7th, to grow in the knowledge of God as we see how Christ's kingdom can shape who we are and what we do.