Faith and Doubt


Is it possible--maybe even normal to faith in the presence of doubt?  Maybe the most important word in the title of this message series is the middle word "and."    Because most of us if we are honest with ourselves are a mixture of both when it comes to our souls.  Is it possible that doubt might just be good for your faith?  Come and find out over the next 4 weeks as we take a look at "Faith and Doubt!"

Current Series Message: The Kingdom

Pastor Rick is back from his time away and is excited to start a new message series called The Kingdom.

Jesus taught more about His kingdom than any other subject, and yet I am convinced that the average Christ-follower has no idea what He meant and its significance for today. Come join us starting August 7th, to grow in the knowledge of God as we see how Christ's kingdom can shape who we are and what we do. 

Special Guest Speaker

We are happy to have Dr. Ken Cuffey, Professor and President of Urbana Theological Seminary, preaching again for the rest of July. Dr. Cuffey will be unpacking the book of Ruth. Each week we will be learning together how God is subtly sovereign through much of what we experience in life. 

Have you found it hard to see God working in your life sometimes? Does God ever seem hidden from you and your circumstances, and only in hindsight do you see that He was truly present and at work in the ordinary situations of life? God is actively working in times of sorrow and difficulty. He is present in what may seem mundane and insignificant but in reality He may be orchestrating these everyday moments with huge, life-changing significance far beyond what we could imagine. 

Dr. Cuffey grew up in southern Indiana and pastored churches in Indiana and New Jersey before coming to Champaign, IL to teach Biblical Studies.  He finds fulfilment in teaching, writing, biking and hiking. Dr. Cuffey has four grown children and four grandchildren and another one on the way in December. He currently resides in Champaign, IL.

We hope you join us on July 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st, as we grow in our knowledge of God's sovereignty no matter how subtle it may seem.