The FORWARD Campaign - E-Free's Vision for the Future 

In 2017, E-Free Church celebrated God's 50 years of ministry in the local community and around the world!  We are looking ahead with excitement to E-Free's future for the next 50 years and beyond, as we remain committed to pursuing our core values of serving, reaching, and growing people in Jesus Christ! 

FORWARD is a two-year stewardship campaign with four purposes:

Serve people in need

Funds raised through the FORWARD Campaign will help E-Free send out more serving teams to help people in need. From local schools and charities, to E-Free's global strategic partners, to areas in the U.S. impacted by natural disasters such as hurricane Harvey, the opportunities to help people in crisis are numerous. Your support of FORWARD will enable teams from E-Free to be the hands and feet of Jesus and serve sacrificially to show Christ's love through action.

Reach the next generation

The next generation is the future of the church, but more and more young adults are leaving traditional church and not returning. E-Free has been blessed by the faithfulness and wisdom of our older generation, and FORWARD funding will enable us to continue to value our senior saints while seeking to increase the number of young adults in our congregation. 

Pay down debt

FORWARD funding will enable E-Free to maintain financial stability by paying down our mortgage and not taking on any new debt in the future as we pursue the 4 goals of this campaign.

Update our building

First impressions are important! Our main hallway is nearly 20 years old. FORWARD funds will allow us to renovate our Welcome Center and Kids' Check-in Area. This will enhance the appeal and functionality of our building.


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