Strategic Partners

Paul and Nanci Erkhert

E-Free Supports and Partners with Paul and Nanci who currently serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators In Waxhaw, North Carolina. Paul and Nanci served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Cameroon, Africa for over 30 years. Paul was a pilot and aircraft mechanic. He now works the International Media department developing Bible story templates for mobile devices and dubbing Scripture films (like The Jesus Film) into indigenous languages. Nanci was a linguist and teacher in Cameroon. She now is a licensed counselor to Wycliffe missionaries around the world. She also supervises counseling interns working with incarcerated women for a nonprofit called Changed Choices." Wycliffe’s missions is to see the bible available in all the different languages that exist in our planet today. There are still around 2000 languages that do not have knowledge of the bible and many other oral languages that also have not heard the message of Scripture. The Erkerts have had the incredible privilege of experiencing the overwhelming delight when a New Testament is dedicated in another language in Cameroon. Jubilant singing and dancing often breaks out as people exult, "God speaks our language!" or "Now we know that God is real!" Paul & Nanci are the parents of 2 grown daughters. They have one grandson, Luca.

Dan & Emily Okall

E-Free supports and partners with Dan & Emily Okall who are currently serving in Kisumu, Kenya. Dan & Emily have been serving in Kenya with Dala Development. This is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make the best health and education accessible for those who desperately need it. In 2009 Ngwono School was established as nursery to help out the community. Since then the school has provided education for children from preschool to 7th grade. Presently, the school has more than 128 students. The Ngwono School is something that brings pride to the local community and instills a solid education from proven community educators that are fully invested in the children. In addition to education, Dala Development is actively engaged in sharing information on cancer detection as well as assisting with screening and facilitating treatment for the growing cancer patients.

Carl Frost

E-Free supports & partners with Carl Frost who has been serving in campus ministry for over 13 years at Ball State University. Carl’s Job includes mentoring, evangelism, teaching, and helping lead our staff team. Carl also has a national leadership role as he serves as a regional coach for leaders and pastors in other churches. Carl is also a fledgling standup comedian. Carl has been married to Carolyn for 10 years and have 3 awesome little kids (Lincoln, Lily, and Wilson). Carl has been committed to doing campus ministry as he has recognized campus ministry is a strategic time to influence young people. College is the time of life where many people try and figure out why they believe what they believe.

Middle East Partner

This family Is living in a country in the Middle East and serving as church planters—training and equipping native pastors in the region. They minister within the “10-40 Window” where a majority of the world’s people live and where the gospel is often least accessible. This area of the world is also struggling to accommodate the needs of millions of refugees and other displaced people due to long-running wars and oppression. Due to personal security concerns, this family’s identity is not made public. Please contact the church office if you would like to learn more about the work and needs of this courageous and dedicated partner family.

Bold Hope

Bold Hope, originally called Poverty Resolutions, began in Haiti. With a desire to keep families together and support the local community, our Child Development Program (CDP) was born. The program is based on a child sponsorship model which provides financial sustainability to the program. Since its inception, our CDP has seen remarkable growth thanks to our ever-increasing network of Child Sponsors. We feed nearly 200 people at our site Monday through Friday, providing the only meal that most of them will eat that day. Our on-site school provides education for children in preschool through second grade. Our staff nurse and doctor regularly assess the children in our program, assisting them or sending them for treatment at a nearby hospital as needed. Haiti has always held a very special place in our hearts, but we want to see the gospel reach everyone. Astonishingly, 42% of the world's population has not heard the good news of salvation. Our desire is to come alongside the local church in many countries around the world to support the good work already in progress. We share the gospel while tackling each physical and emotional need that presents itself through educational initiatives, trafficking prevention, medical care, vocational training, orphan care, and child and youth development. Learn more about Bold Hope at

Jenny Lang

Jenny Lang has been on staff with CRU for over 20 years. Jenny has served at the University of Alabama but spent most of her years in Miami, FL working with students from a number of campuses in the metro area. Jenny also engages with CRU’s 100 % Sent efforts in the Southeast. The vision of 100% Sent is being able to help all God’s people cultivate their relationship with the Lord and live out their kingdom calling in whatever sphere of influence God provides. Jenny is married to Ken and is a mother of two. Whether it’s a business person, mom, a doctor, a teacher, whatever location or vocation, Jenny desires to see everyone in community with like-minded people where they can use their gifts and talents to further the gospel.



Paul and Nanci Erkhert

Paul is working with a Montagnard (Vietnamese) community in Charlotte to dub The Gospel of John video into their language. Please pray for the team's continued stamina, accuracy, and unity. Also, he has been asked to spend three weeks in Cameroon later this year to run some Bible story video workshops for communities in the north of the country. Please pray that God would clarify the details and provide the needed funds.
The Erkerts value your prayers for them as they balance ministry with Wycliffe and Changed Choices with parenting and grandparenting."

Dan & Emily Okall

Proactive fundraisers in U.S.
Development of online presence to increase:
Fund raising and follow-up
Sponsorship of students in village
Funding for a larger “Joanna House” in Nairobi. Joanna House provides housing for radiology patients while in Nairobi.

Carl Frost

For unity within the Staff team and for God’s wisdom in navigating the diversity of the team
For continued strength in juggling local and national roles

Jenny Lang
  • Prayer for being able to complete work with kids at home during shutdowns.
  • We have had to cancel missions trips for spring/summer. This is devastating to all, both those who would have attended and those served.
  • Pray that God would use this time to bring people to a knowledge of Him.