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Lori Heil

Groups Ministry Director

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Oversees Groups Ministry
  • Works on Connections Ministry team.
  • Part of Strategic Staff team.

“A friend invited me to EFC years ago and her simple invitation changed my life! I came to faith in Jesus at an E-Free women’s retreat. Now I feel blessed to serve on staff with a great team of volunteers and help people find connections in our church family because I really believe that life is so much better when you don’t do it alone!”

Some fun facts about me:

  • Favorite Bible passage: Psalm 23
  • My first job out of college was working for Green Giant, so eat your veggies!
  • Most rewarding thing about your job: Seeing people connect with one another and with God, and growing more like Jesus.
  • What you love about EFC: the people!
  • A place you would love to visit: Australia
  • Favorite board game: Wits & Wagers
  • I’m a morning person!